On April 18, 2016, the deadline for filing your income tax return to IRS, an official from the Honolulu tax office went on HawaiiNewsNow to warn people about tax scams.  Even after tax season passes, scammers may try to bully you into paying a tax bill you do not owe.  They may threaten to arrest you, deport you, or take away your driver’s license if you don’t pay them.  They may demand you give them your Social Security number or your bank account or credit card number.

On May 6, 2016, an individual called SMP Hawaii to report she found a message on her phone that instructed her to call (595-253-7337). When she dialed the number, a male answered and said, “This is the IRS, and I am a caseworker.”  She hung up immediately because the IRS had no reason to call her.

SMP Hawaii called the number several times and got a busy signal every time.

Remember, Medicare numbers are based on Social Security numbers. Access to your Social Security number opens the door to get health care services and payments from Medicare fraudulently.  On the other hand, getting a hold of your Medicare number lets a scammer use it as your Social Security number to file a false tax return and receive the refund.  For that reason, SMP Hawaii put out a LOOKING OUT FOR YOU bulletin to stress the need to remain vigilant against tax scams.  Go to to access the bulletin.