How to Volunteer

SMP depends on volunteers like you to carry out its mission to share information and provide education to our communities statewide.

Volunteers are an essential part of the SMP program and receive orientation and training to enable them to carry out the tasks of their respective roles. They assist with administrative tasks, distribute information, staff information booths at outreach events, make presentations, help people who have questions about health care fraud and abuse, and much more. Without volunteers, the program could not function.

The process requires a completed application form, interview, three reference checks, and a criminal background check.

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1. Distributing Information

Distributing information: This role involves transporting and disseminating SMP informational materials to sites and events, and may include making a brief presentation from a prepared script to a small group.

2. Assisting with Administration

Assisting with administration: This role involves such work as copying, filing, data entry, and making phone calls in support of SMP activity.

3. Staffing Exhibits

Staffing exhibits: This role involves staffing information tables at events such as health/senior fairs and conferences. Volunteers hand out information, answer questions, and make referrals.

4. Making Group Presentations

Making group presentations: This role involves giving presentations on SMP topics to small and large groups, with the opportunity for question-and-answer discussion.

5. Counseling

Counseling: This role involves private, one-on-one discussion with beneficiaries about their individual situation and may require reviewing medical documents and conducting research.

6. Handling Complex Issues and Referrals

Handling complex issues and referrals: This role involves intensive discussion, document review, and research on complicated Medicare-related billing errors and potential abuse or fraud. Volunteers who serve in this role may act on behalf of the beneficiary to correct errors or to refer a case to the appropriate authorities.



Learn to detect potential errors, abuse, and fraud.

  • SMP volunteers receive training on the basics of Medicare and Medicaid for dual eligible beneficiaries and about health care errors, abuse, fraud, and typical scams.
  • SMP volunteers have the satisfaction of participating in a national effort to educate and empower their own communities to prevent, detect, and report health care errors, abuse, and fraud.
  • SMP volunteers attend monthly volunteer meetings on their island for additional training and peer support
  • SMP volunteers are invited to an annual statewide volunteer appreciation event in Honolulu and receive recognition for their contributions to the SMP program.


For an application packet and more information please contact:

Laurie Paleka at 808-586-7319 or toll free at 1-800-296-9422.

Email: laurel.paleka@doh.hawaii.gov